Another beautiful sunset…

Sunset in Bangall, New York
Bangall, New York

It’s been 45 days since I lost my job. In the weeks since, I’ve had good and bad days. Mostly good, but the days I’m down are not enjoyable and it’s difficult to not be swept up in them. Leaving the house to try and be creative has let me defocus on being unemployed and the limited prospects of re-entering the workforce. Distractions can sometimes be a good thing.

Thank you, Mom.

Tomorrow National #NursingWeek begins in the USA. (It begins on May 12 internationally) and I can’t think of a greater group of people to thank right now globally. We should honor and celebrate ALL those in the nursing profession now and years ago. And with the upcoming Mother’s Day, I can think of no other person to honor and extend my gratitude to than my mom. Even though she’s been retired, she will also be our family’s nurse. And we thank you!