My blog has tentacles

I’ve been using Twitter for some time now, and it’s actually feeding into the sidebar to the right here. Twitter is an online service where you can basically keep tabs on your friends, but at their discretion. You have to give updates, and then can subscribe to them. It’s sort of like a mini blog. For me, it’s useful because I can add updates to the sidebar of my blog from my phone. (I can also make updates from my blog from my phone, but it’s not easily managed. And, if I’m away from a computer, there is a good reason and I don’t want to write long rants about bark-beetle infestations that are killing trees across the West.)

Yesterday, I added Kyte to the list of mediums around here. Using Kyte’s services, I can record a video from my phone, email it to them, and they’ll create a tweet for me. All for free. Sick.