Goodbye, sweet boy

IN MEMORY OF BOWIE, Dec 5, 2006 (?) - Dec 11, 2018

Sadly, and with  heavy hearts and blurry eyes, we are sharing Bowie passed away last night. Over the last few months he had succumbed to the tougher parts of what he was born with. And as he aged they become too much for him.

But, in true Bowie fashion, he was full of spirit and life right until the end. This past weekend he spent time with his human companions and fellow rescue dog, Twiggy, in the country. He chased a deer or two and ate local chicken. And, he slept on a radiant heated floor to keep him cozy while he dreamed.

We have so many photos and videos to share of Bowie, but here are a few capturing his loving demeanor and passion for exploring.

He will be greatly missed. Here is an early photo right after we gave him and Iman their names.

Miss you, bud.